Why Should I Use a Recruiter?

Why Should I Use a Recruiter?

Excellent Reasons to Use a Recruiter

Recently the topic came up on job boards vs. recruiters and I was asked if candidates should post their resumes on job boards? The answer is definitely not! Knowing the inside secrets of Executive Search and the employment marketplace, the only time I could see myself ever personally posting a candidate’s resume on a job board is if they were desperate and unemployed and even then I still don’t think they should do it. You ask why? Here are some good reasons.

Hidden Job Market:

With a recruiter, you will gain access to the “hidden” job market. Several companies do not utilize national job boards because they know they are too time-consuming (sifting through all of the resumes- qualified and not qualified, screening, interviewing, etc.) They also understand that time is money and a vacancy could cost them a large sum of money if not filled promptly. Companies know that the best talent is produced through a recruiter who they have partnered with that knows their needs. Recruiters can produce 3-5 candidates available for an interview with a relatively short period of time – saving time and money. The only time you hear about the hidden job market is when you read that someone was hired by the company.

Stand Out:

A chance to distinguish yourself as an exclusive candidate. It hard to stand out when your resume is one of the hundreds on a hiring manager’s desk. Your odds of increasing your visibility improves when you have your own recruiter.

Avoid Overexposure:

Hiring managers like “exclusive” job seekers/candidates and when they see your resume from a job board and an agency this will diminish your perceived value. We have exclusive positions that are not posted on job boards also, where hiring managers like to see our “exclusive” candidates be presented in a proper manner.


When a large company posts an ad to a job board, they could receive as many as 5,000 or even 20,000 resumes and statistically, only 10% of those resumes are actually read by a real person. This can also happen when you send your resume directly to a large company.  Our clients do not have time to review perhaps 700 resumes for one position. Instead, we present the most qualified candidates and save them time and money. You have a better chance of being placed into a position that is not posted on a job board when you work with a recruiter.

At PWW Recruiting, we have a diverse group of recruiters across the United States ready to work with you in finding that dream career!

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Dr. Contessa Petrini is the Managing Director of PWW Recruiting. She manages the daily operations of the agency along with business development and strategy. Dr. Petrini also develops training and seminars in the areas of Recruiting, Sourcing, and Business Development.

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