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About Us

Getting America Back to Work

Connecting people to the right opportunities at the right time

At PWW Recruiting, our highly personal approach to recruitment and job placement is focused on building great relationships with candidates, so that when the time comes to make a match, we create the perfect alignment of skill and need.

We are not just an executive search or recruiting firm, but we also work in areas that include feasibility and planning, interim/outsource work, and business-related special projects. In other words, we do not just have lists of people, we know people. And we know being 'fit' goes deeper than what is on a resume.

We are successful among recruiting firms because we know that business and professional success requires more than mere industry knowledge and charm. It necessitates an understanding of local markets and global developments, an ability to establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships, and both tactical mastery and strategic insight.

Our recruiting team knows where and how to find this type of transcendent talent. They maintain a network of contacts and a personal knowledge of needs and aspirations, and they work diligently to match the right people with the right challenges. Quickly, intelligently, and with your satisfaction as their goal.

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