On the cusp of another technological revolution, candidates are increasingly becoming their own brand that must be portrayed favorably virtually. This virtual representation (avatar) must coincide with the individual who meets with both recruiters and employers. Beforehand, those looking for work were merely responsible for ensuring their resume and cover letter were completed and handed over to the employer for further consideration. References were contacted, interviews were scheduled, and the 1st day of work began shortly thereafter. There was a special kind of simplicity in terms of how candidates were plucked as the singular needle from the haystack.

Candidate's Path Forward

  • Social media profiles often provide the first impression of candidates.
  • Virtual interviews are conducted before candidates step foot in the employer’s domain. 
  • Algorithms for resumes matched against job descriptions determine if a hiring managers gives a candidate the time of day. 
  • Responsiveness to text messages, emails, and direct messages can be the difference between receiving an offer and missing one. 
  • Candidates are alerted by recruiters to provide additional information throughout the hiring process.
  • Skills once sought after are progressively becoming automated
  • The search for the perfect career has transformed into a career itself.
  • The malleability of the workforce makes finding satisfying work an elusive endeavor. 
  • Petrini & Workman Worldwide Recruiting is dedicated to helping every candidate we work with find their brass ring