• Use research and analytical insights to develop overall onsite and offsite content strategy across our various web assets
  • Maintain brand quality across mediums, while simplifying content for targeted consumers
  • Design, implement/build out, and strengthen topically focused web content and copy sections to improve SEO performance and user experience – building targeted traffic is the number one goal!
  • Onsite optimization of titles, slugs, meta tags, heading, link structure, etc.
  • Split testing content and call-to-actions to increase engagement, time-on-site, and conversions
  • Develop lead magnets and linkable assets to generate leads and inbound links
  • Implementation of site audit recommendations and potential website redesign and migration
  • Strategize and put into action branding, messaging, and UX improvements with team members and external partners – you are constantly innovating
  • Generate intuitive reporting and address insights from Google Analytics and other digital marketing tools
  • Stay up to date on industry changes and our competition, and react quickly to stay ahead of the herd
  • Coordinate efforts with external paid-traffic and Google screen vendors.