The successful candidate should have previous experience working with global brand-name multinational companies.


Primary responsibilities include, but are not limited to:


Build deep foundational knowledge of each target company including but not limited to their financials, brands and products in their portfolio, sustainability commitments, media coverage, and leaders including any public profiles, articles and LinkedIn profiles


Proactively seek and identify the right individuals who can unlock the value in an organization and have the credibility and engagement skills to start the relationship and understand the potential value we can deliver as well as manage a multi-stakeholder engagement.


Engage with key leaders, develop dialogue and build relationships based on mutual trust and credibility.


Articulate the key problems and issues customer needs to solve. Develop well-researched presentations built based on the perspective of the customer and well vetted. Set clear agendas and deliverables. Determine intuitive questions to uncover the real issue for the customer.


Follow up persistently. Crystalize key actions after meetings interactions. Keep customer apprised of all progress. Added value to the customer at each touch point including new water academy training new product information or industry knowledge (or contacts) a customer might need.


Identify entry point at target customers such as a particular challenge or problem they are trying to solve at a particular plant or for new process etc.


Work with cross-functional team to develop options for the customer that could solve their problem. Leverage multi-tech portfolio but do not limit to that if customer has needs outside the portfolio. Help team develop pilots for customer if needed or proposals.


Ensure local implementations are successful and work with target companies to scale solutions to capture highest share of wallet.


Provide leadership for cross functional teams made up of diverse individuals reporting into different business structures. Manage the overall project schedules and coordinate with the teams to consistently provide quality results in a timely manner to achieve the project milestones necessary to show our group’s value to global multinational companies.


Leverage sales and engagement tools such as salesforce and Microsoft team to track pipeline.


Key Competencies:


Business acumen. Ability to understand how large corporations work including the key functions and general relationships between them. These dynamics play into decision-making at the account targets.


External orientation. Think from the point of view of our customer (executive/sr. leader) and focus on delivering an elevated industry-leading customer experience.


Entrepreneurial and agile mindset. Ability to think creatively in order to help solve the customer’s problem; think outside the typical boundaries of how to deliver a solution. For example, the individual can pull in partners that can complement our solution or the ecosystem that can come and fulfill for the customer.


Ability to lead by influence. The engagement lead needs to be successful without a large team directly reporting to them and in some cases needs to influence outside of the company.


Ability to network internally and externally. This individual brings/ develops relationships; critical they can network and build relationships externally as well as internally to fulfill for the customer


Technical capability and knowledge. Without some technical capability and knowledge the engagement lead will not have the credibility they need to gain the trust of the customer.


Working knowledge of the Challenger Sale: Knowledge or capability to understand and implement the Challenger Sale methodology which focuses on solving a need the customer may not even know they have.


Knowledge and Experience:


BS or higher education, MBA preferred

At least 10 years in sales or business development preferably working with Fortune 500 brands

Experience and knowledge of water treatment solutions for industry –

A minimum of 5 years Water Solutions experience