WORK SITE: Reston, VA – or – Joint Base Anacostia Bolling (JBAB), Washington DC

WORK TIME: Part time

TRAVEL: Local travel up to 25%.


  • Collaborate with Government stakeholders to determine, prioritize, and document schedule activities.
  • Maintain configuration control over individual project work breakdown structures (WBS) & schedules and the Integrated Master Schedule (IMS).
  • Work with Government program and project stakeholders:
    • Create (WBS and schedules for new projects and integrate new projects into the IMS.
    • Determine work-package completion percentages and associated costs, and accurately update project WBS/schedules.
  • Set up required reporting activities and reports to track progress, variances, lag and lead times, the critical path, and conflicts, and regularly monitor each project’s progress.
  • Support the Government program manager regarding IT change management, float and schedule mitigation plans
  • Analyze individual WBS/schedules and the overall IMS on a regular basis:
    • To identify and report any issues/problems that have occurred re:scope, schedule (time), and/or resources.
    • Create “what if” scenarios to identify potential risks and their impact on individual projects, other projects, and the IMS.
    • Conduct impact analysis of WBS/schedule changes, identify schedule variances and opportunities to proactively develop mitigating strategies.
  • Provide weekly updates for delivery to Government leadership and managers that clearly identifies and conveys project/activities schedule and progress.
  • Audit schedules for compliance with set policy, standards and templates, and create and submit audit (evaluation) reports to the Government project and/or program manager.



  • Required Experience:
    • Minimum of 10 years of relevant experience (re:the above Job Description and Required Experience).
    • Experience interacting with and supporting senior Government and military personnel (leaders & managers), and program/project contractor staff.
    • Demonstrated trustworthiness, reliability, punctuality, dependability, and resourcefulness.
    • Proficient in Microsoft Office365: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, & Outlook.
    • Proficient in Microsoft Project.
    • Experience defining, organizing, and developing (logical) WBS and schedules that include:
      • Predecessors and successors.
      • Duration.
      • Resources.
      • Tiered tasks with sub-tasks and work packages.
      • Critical path.
      • Etc.
    • Experience accurately and successfully managing multiple projects within an integrated master schedule (IMS) simultaneously and carrying out the activities identified within the Job Description and Qualification sections.
    • Demonstrated ability to plan, set priorities, organize and coordinate with others to provide IMS and project WBS/schedule management support to meet deadlines.
    • Demonstrated experience communicating requests, ideas, direction, etc., clearly and concisely via written communication, such as email and intra-program instant messaging, in a professional and timely fashion.
    • Demonstrated experience verbally communicating requests, ideas, direction, findings/reports, etc., clearly and concisely via one-on-one, group, or presentations, etc.
    • Demonstrated ability to communicate technical information and complex ideas related to projects and the program.
  • Desired Experience:
    • Military staff officer experience in operations and theater.
    • Knowledge of Combatant and Functional Commands.
    • Understanding of the DoD Intelligence life cycle.


  • Bachelor’s Degree,
  • Or:
    • A HS Diploma/GED with a total of 14 years relevant experience.