This unit was initially for overflow only and intended to close, but given the current census this 12 bed unit will remain open and increase to a 20 bed unit. Right now we are focused on hiring the “core group” of nurses for this team and will require experienced medical/surgical nurses that are on the cusp of charging their current unit. Once we have hired the core team, we will be able to hire nurses with less than 1.5 years of experience, to include LTACHS and rehab. At this time we will only consider candidates with strong med/surg experience and nursing acumen. Since this unit is not centrally located, will need a nurse who is a self-starter and able to advocate for themselves, unit/team and patients.




This is a great opportunity for an experienced nurse to build out this unit and eventually be the “peer panel” that will continue to hire, orient and grow this team. Also, the units manager is well known for advocating for her staff and helping nurses advance their career within our organization – whether that be to go into ICU or CRNA.




Patient Population: current state, wound, pneumonia, uti, step down from ICU/IMU that are long stay patients (multiple wounds, diabetic, etc), restrained patients and day surgery (med/surg).