TITLE: Project Manager / Estimator

REPORTS TO: Vice President / General Manager

SUMMARY: The Project Manager / Estimator is responsible for estimating and project management of both cast stone and large panel projects. Building and maintaining relationships with new and existing customers is a key component of this position. Responsibilities also include purchasing of materials and hiring of subcontractors for all assigned projects. The Estimator/Project Manager is a decisive and energetic professional with an enthusiastic attitude and will be the lead contact for all assigned customers.


BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Drives business development with both new and existing customers, maintaining a book of business of assigned clients. Ensures that customers call to meet their project needs. Utilizes strong prospecting skills and strategizes using the proven sales process to win the sale. Builds strong customer relationships for all existing and prospective customers through regular customer contacts, visits, and ongoing communications. Serves as the main point of contact throughout the project cycle for all awarded jobs.

ESTIMATING & BID PROPOSALS: Create a thorough, accurate and timely bid proposal for each potential job. This process includes job scope evaluation with the customer, job take-off, job estimation, and bid proposal creation. All estimates and bid proposals are efficiently and accurately estimated per current plans and specifications to maximize productivity for business operations, including inclusions and exclusions list.

  • DESIGN / CHECKING: Will be responsible for drawing and checking plans for specific projects assigned by the Drafting Manager. Will be preparing high quality, accurate and detailed precast shop drawings, erection drawings, and mold & piece drawings for assigned projects.
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT: After a project is awarded, your position is responsible for the coordination of all assigned duties, including meeting with customers, drawing review, engineering, scheduling, managing subcontractors, RFI’s, billing, change orders, and overall organization of the project documents.
  • PURCHASING: Responsible for the buy-out of materials and subcontracts for all projects after award. This process includes negotiating with vendors and subcontractors to obtain the best price and increase the profitability of the projects. This includes erection, insulation, brick, caulking, and special materials for the job.
  • JOB COST / ESTIMATING DATA MANAGEMENT: Work with the Sales and Estimating team to continuously update and maintain current and accurate data in the estimating software. Work with operations and accounting to maintain any job cost data that is needed.

ORGANIZATION / TIME MANAGEMENT: Will be responsible to abide by the established system of organization, planning, tracking, and time management for cast stone and panel projects. A high level of organization is necessary for success in this position.


Along with the management team, participates in the business development of customers. Leads the business development activity for both assigned customer base and new customers. Follows the strategic sales process that includes asking for the order and closing the sale.

Attends Lunch ‘n Learn presentations with customers including architects, general contractors and mason contractors, to assist with answering all technical questions.

Searches industry websites to look for new precast opportunities for Products. Ensures that you are focusing on jobs that are financially a good fit and are within capability.

Pre-plan and prepares marketing collateral for customer visits, ensuring they receive these materials and color samples.

Exchanges business contact information, clarifying who the decision maker is, and comes away with a commitment for the next step, whether it be a call, meeting, or a closed sale.

Builds strong relationships with customers, communicating with them on a daily basis for job updates and new project needs. Strong business relationships will bring new business to .

Once relationships are created with key players at all levels of the customer’s organization, meets for coffee, lunch, etc., whenever possible to maintain and continue to grow that relationship.

Assists customers by sharing key information about upcoming bids that they may not be aware of.

After the bidding process, immediately follows-up with all customers to find out who has been awarded the jobs. “Asking for the order” is the most critical piece of customer negotiation.

Be the main point of contact to all existing and new assigned customers, answering questions, acting as the Lead Project Manager and liaison to other employees involved in the project.


  • Identify Projects to Bid:
  • Create and maintain the bid calendar and manage workload accordingly to complete all bids on time.
  • Works with sales team and existing customers to identify which projects to bid by determining which are a good fit for the capabilities of the company.
  • Manages workload accordingly to ensure all bids are completed on time.
  • Pre-qualification Process:
  • Prior to bidding a project, contact the customer to determine the scope of the project and build rapport with the customer, ensuring that customers understand the capabilities of Products.
  • Coordinate with Seth for manhours, EMR, etc. and keep Seth involved whenever the subject of releasing financials is involved.
  • Pre-plan this call and have all questions pre-determined and defined, utilizing the proven sales strategy to win the sale.
  • If necessary, meet with the customer, send customer to our website, and send introductory letter and marketing material. This process is necessary in building relationships with our customer.
  • Estimating:
  • Review Plans. Thoroughly review plans and detailed specifications for each job and prepare a detailed list of questions for the customer’s PM/Estimator. Print all plans that are necessary prior to doing a Take-Off.
  • Take-Off. Using On-Screen Takeoff, complete an accurate detailed Takeoff for each project. Work with customers and architects in identifying design improvements and value engineering (if applicable).
  • Create Estimates. Using the On-Screen Takeoff detail; create the job estimate using the Excel spreadsheet.
  • Accurately quantify piece counts, labor, materials, and transportation to optimize and accurately define the cost of a project.
  • Clearly read and understand the specifications on the bid drawings or spec book of a project to correctly determine the mix design, color, quality, hardware, molds, finishes, and any special design criteria. Be aware that there are multiple areas of the spec book that address the precast specifications, including instructions to bidders.
  • Develop shipping costs for each specific project. Costs are based on weight, dimensions, mileage, jobsite conditions, tolls, permits, fuel surcharges, the customer’s schedule, and jobsite location. This cost is added to the estimate.
  • Learn and develop the On-Screen software, working with the vendor and trainers to ensure we are utilizing the system to its fullest capability.
  • Bid Proposals. Create and review the accuracy of the bid proposal for each job which includes the material, subcontracts, bid price, packing & shipping, inclusions/exclusions, and terms & conditions.
  • Prepare a detailed list of “inclusions and exclusions” for each job. Each job utilizes many of the listed inclusions and exclusions.
  • Write proposals accurately, including all inclusions, exclusions, and terms and conditions.
  • Ensure that the dollars match the estimate!
  • Follow up, Follow up, Follow up. Aggressively pursue the customer to gain knowledge of bid results.
  • Ask for the Order. During the follow up phase, ask for the order, and if necessary, negotiate a price that is acceptable to both parties.


  • Work with Drafting Manager to assign the job to a Designer or determine if you will be the Designer.
  • Ensure the creation of clear, complete and accurate cast stone and precast erection shop drawings, mold, and piece drawings from architectural and structural documents utilizing AutoCAD. Will also be responsible for checking plans for specific projects assigned by the Drafting Manager.
  • Work closely with customers, vendors, sales, engineering, production, and mold shop to establish and ensure logistics and accuracy of specifications.
  • Use strategic thinking with all production departments to ensure profitability, efficiency, and meeting the overall goals of the project.
  • Ensure that all completed drawings have the necessary information to fabricate and erect precast components per the contract.
  • Meet or exceed all deadlines established, both internally and externally.
  • Participate in efforts to develop written design standards within the department. Provide training and hold others accountable to the standards.


  • Project Set-Up: After award, establishes the project plan and sets up the project files.
  • Review the contract documents and ensure that they match our final proposal and estimate sheet.
  • Assembles the Project binder; compiles and keeps other important information organized in separate Bid file.
  • Reviews final drawings, addendums, & specifications, to identify any changes from the proposal documents & drawings.
  • Contacts customer, establishing point of contact information, and initiating Customer Coordination Meeting to establish key dates and customer concerns.
  • Heads-up Scope Review with customer.
  • Organizes the internal kick-off meeting with Sales, Engineering, Production & Mold Shop.
  • Serves as the point of contact for subcontractors, writing subcontract/proposals. Assigns subcontracts with Erector, Caulking, Patching, and other sub-contractors. Reviews customer contracts, working with all parties to achieve a fully executed contract.
  • Attends pre-erection meetings. 
  • Project Scheduling:
  • The schedule will be determined by available table space.
  • Holds our project designer and customer accountable to the project schedule agreed to in the Customer Coordination Meeting.
  • Communicates with the project designer on a daily basis to ensure that the drawings are kept on schedule.
  • Manages the lead times for shop drawings, loose & embedded hardware, rebar, production, trucking, and erecting to ensure that the we meet the project schedule as agreed to by all parties. 
  • Project Management:
  • Along with project designer, monitors all correspondence; ensures that the project designer copies you on all of those documents.
  • Initiates and monitors RFI & change orders; estimates all change orders, including pricing and estimated production costs and labor hours.
  • A change order is necessary when additional labor, material, engineering, or trucking is requested by the customer; the scope of the project has changed; or the drawings have changed.
  • Manages subcontractors to conform to the project scope, specifications, schedule, and pricing.
  • Works with accounting to set up the AIA billing breakdown and determine the monthly progress billings; makes collection calls.
  • Attends external project meetings and visits the project site if required.
  • Along with Field Erection Coordinator, coordinates field repairs and patching for assigned projects.
  • Addresses final punch list items immediately upon completion of a project. Do not wait for architect’s report.
  • Reviews shop drawings for all cast stone and panel projects that you are responsible for.
  • Works with the engineering department to support development of company standards.


  • Establishes relationships with vendors and subcontractors.
  • Material Buy-out. Responsible for purchasing and negotiating specific items at the best available price and below our estimated costs.
  • Be the point of contact for the purchasing of all project specific material and hardware. Coordination with John Sonn.
  • Prepares purchase orders and tracks delivery status for our production and delivery needs (brick, liner, insulation, etc.).
  • Coordinates with Quality Control and Yard personnel for missing, damaged, or incorrect material receipts.
  • After final negotiation, negotiates a 2% or better early pay discount. 
  • Subcontract Buy-out  
  • Requests bids from multiple subcontractors.
  • Negotiates with subs to get the best price and lower our estimated costs. 
  • Tracking
  • Performance in this area will be based on how the estimated cost compares to the final negotiated cost for materials and subcontractors.
  • Progress will be monitored by comparing actual versus estimated costs on each project.


  • Along with engineering team, works to maintain up-to-date and accurate data in the estimating software.
  • Helps to develop new Job Cost standards by working with operations to understand material usage and labor productivity.
  • Utilizes detailed actual data on labor, materials, hardware, packaging, shipping, overhead, margin, etc., to maintain accurate and current cost data in the estimating system.
  • Utilizing data from the costing system, work with VP/General Manager and Controller/Purchasing Manager to understand changes in actual cost and determine the most accurate, up-to-date cost for each element of cost including labor dollars, hours, material cost, material usage, etc.


Effectively works to maintain a thorough system of organization that keeps all information easily retrievable; contact, project, and bid lists.

Establishes an effective way to organize emails and phone calls, with the ability to easily retrieve information and respond accordingly.

Works diligently to ensure that time is managed wisely in order to meet all obligations; being ahead of schedule will help to offset delays.


  • Takes responsibility to ensure all subcontractors are adhering to safety requirements set forth by the General Contractor on all sites.
  • Keeps safety, environment and housekeeping as #1 priority in the workplace.
  • Complies with all company safety, environmental, and housekeeping policies & procedures.
  • Wears all necessary personal protective equipment while outside of the office according to safety policy.
  • Maintains a neat and organized workstation. Neatness is a way of life. “A place for everything and everything in its place”.
  • Safety and housekeeping must be “visual” within the operation and office environment at all times. “Tour ready” is the term to use every day.
  • Is aware of and complies with all safety policies and procedures on customer and vendor visits.
  • Attends weekly employee meetings where safety and environmental changes are discussed.
  • Sets the standard for safety as a member of the team.


Analytical Thinking: Ability to read architectural and commercial blueprints. Ability to do mental math quickly and calculate new formulas for improved performance. Knows bid tools, CAD and Microsoft computer languages and e-mail proficiently.

  • Leadership: Understands the company vision and motivates/inspires the team to follow suit. Leads by example with confidence and authority, taking charge of difficult situations. Treats others with respect and dignity, establishing good interpersonal relationships and teamwork. Embraces and initiates change. Holds others accountable.
  • Decisiveness: Able to use available information to draw a timely conclusion and take quick and timely action; ability to effectively problem-solve by acting on facts and relevant information. Establishes a sequence of tasks and completion dates; sets priorities and allocates time and resources when faced with competing demands
  • Commitment / Diligence: Able to persevere in accomplishing tasks or objectives; commit to long hours of work; do everything possible to reach goals; has a sense of urgency about getting results.
  • Communication: Able to effectively deliver a message to employees, customers, vendors, or management team in a group or individual setting, so that it is received and understood. Being a good listener is the start of being a good communicator.
  • Profitability: The ability to execute these leadership qualities in an instrumental part of increasing the profitability of the company.