• Embrace change and use it drive continuous learning and process improvements within the squads. Build meaningful relationships with squad members and resolve most issues leveraging your rapport and trust with squad members.
• Continuously seek and act on feedback received to bring about positive changes.
• Understand both the squad’s overall capacity and impediments that impact individual members of the squad. Work to create a team culture that values sustainable execution by not over-committing.
• Coach the squad to provide input for squad level decision making to achieve a common goal.
• Identify and work to resolve mindset impediments as the arise.
• Coach squad with knowledge and expertise as well as encourage experimentation to support their journey towards self-sufficiency.
• Provide role (PO, QA, Dev, etc.) based coaching and proactively facilitate coaching session with the squad.
• Coach the squad to consider how squad/product vision affects other squads we regularly interact with.
• Create a safe environment for all ceremonies to encourage active participation from all squad members
• Facilitate and mediate conflicts within the squad.
• Understands Agile and relevant frameworks (e.g., scrum) to maximize the success of the squad
• Possess a comprehensive understanding of Agile tools, techniques, principles and values and apply this knowledge to the squad.
• Coach PO and squad to maintain a healthy and prioritized backlog with refined user stories
• Successfully balance delivery timeframes and continuous iteration so that customer feedback is always incorporated.
• Ensure accurate and transparent communications to stakeholders with concise metrics and updates on progress, risks and impediments
• Supports Product Owner on release planning
• Coordinate movement of code between Development, Testing, UAT and Production environments and all related planning, resourcing and scheduling activities. Participate in Scrum of Scrums meetings to ensure the Squad and the others in the Tribe are aligned on priorities, dependencies and timelines.

The AD Scrum Master will lead a team and development partners with a well-defined software development life cycle process.

The AD Scrum Master applies a broad technical knowledge of the Agile methodology to manage the scrum process with geographically dispersed teams to deliver exceptional standards in product quality and timely, predictable delivery of projects. The AD Scrum Master oversees cross functional coordination and communication, requirements traceability, release management, test case management, and defect tracking concerns to keep delivery on track.


  • Experience in Agile Development, with Scrum Master (or similar) experience
  • Previous software development lifecycle experience
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred with Masters or equivalent experience
  • Minimum of 5 years of related experience
  • Scrum Master certification a plus