• B2 level English with 3-5+ years min in Training Management/leadership experience in a BPO/similiar industry
  • Experience developing team members through understanding key strengths and opportunities, leveraging formal and informal learning events for skill and competency development, and driving an environment of self-improvement within the team organization
  • Experienced in driving results – through clear understanding of performance gaps, root cause, deployment of targeted actions plans and effective governance and review processes.
  • Solid experience in building and leveraging relationships – responds and relates extremely well to people in all positions, initiating and maintaining relationships inside and outside his or her organization and field of expertise
  • Analysis Competency – abliltiy to conduct, interpret and conclude solutions through Needs Analysis, Learner Analysis, and Context Analysis


  •  Bachelor’s Degree

The Site Training Leader is responsible for the following areas:

1. Delivery of effective end-to-end training and learning services

Owns and is responsible for site wide end to end learning services for all programs and clients, single point of contact and chief decision maker for Consultant Learning within the site

Responsible for the entire end to end training process (pre-hire, new hire training, ongoing training and learn

learning, knowledge management and the performance results and outcomes from them

Owns in-class attrition and training throughout through driving an effective classroom, nesting and ongoing training experience.

Responsible for training recovery efforts for program enrolled PIP through effective training needs and root cause analysis and deployment of multiple learning solutions to address gaps identified

Responsible for managing client relationships and the consistency of communication between Sutherland and key client contacts for the training/learning organization

Owns deployment of standard CLS COE processes (and customizations as needed) – including process design, inventory and change management. Owns deployment of CLS technology and infrastructure.

2. People and Resource Management

Plan and enable effective delivery to client headcount demands across the site/geo, including new hire training, nesting, update management and ongoing training/learning through effective forecasting of required training personnel and activity

Responsible for all training personnel within the site, including performance management, career development, and ongoing learner

Responsible for all training infrastructure (physical and technology) within the site – forecasts potential growth and makes decisions on appropriate investments needed to scale accordingly

3. Strategic Growth, Expansion and Talent Development

Partners with global (business development, client services, site leadership, global expansion, among others) and local teams on strategic growth and expansion in within the site/geo, represents the department in all sales and new client acquisition forums for the site/geo

Owns partnerships with local universities/colleges, government units, industry bodies and vendor partners to drive talent building initiatives to improve talent pipeline and quality

Drives deployment of key initiatives to drive alternative learning methodology (e-learning, virtual learning) and improves talent capability through certification programs, domain learning paths and other capability creation and development programs

4.Principal Accountabilities

Plans, project manages, executes and ensures effective training delivery (New Hire + Ongoing) for clients globally.

Proactively engages and manages the client relationship for all programs onsite; manages all critical client communication, requests and demands.

Partners with all internal clients and partners to support revenue growth and demands for the clients.

Represent training in all relevant strategic and tactical forums; internal and external.

Ensures consistency and high quality of training delivery across all sites within the geo/site

Conducts and leads detailed gaps and needs analysis and post-training assessment initiatives for the program.

Proactively seeks to improve Training Delivery for the client via content, context and curriculum analysis. Uses other acceptable ISD/Improvement Methodologies as applicable.

Plans and conducts detailed performance and compliance-to-plans reviews with all the relevant Site Training Managers/Region or Geo Leaders of Training.

Partners with Business Managers/Directors to determine needs and priorities within the business units and sites.

Collate, audit and report out all client related billable/non-billable reports and any and every other reporting requirements – via Training Coordinators

Lead special projects or new business developments that require specialized training attention.

Maintain updated hiring and resource planners for all the sites for the enterprise. Participate, facilitate and contribute to all growth related initiatives.

Ensure consistency of training design, delivery and execution basis exiting client agreements; proactively provide client with relevant feedback, suggestions and best practices to improve results.

Create and report business information and metrics as mandated.

Ensure updated knowledge of the program with self at all times.

Partner and communicate internally as required.