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Resume & Cover Letter Services


PWW Recruiting creates keyword-specific resumes for professionals in every industry. Once we receive a confirmation for resume orders, our team ensures a 24 hour-turnaround for the client’s review.

As most employers now use algorithm-based applicant tracking systems to parse through resumes, keywords now act as the first impression instead of specific employment experience.

We design cover letters that will adequately highlight your accomplishments while demonstrating why you are the best candidate for the job. Through creative writing intertwined with professionalism hiring managers will feel your enthusiasm, perseverance, and desire to help the organization realize its mission and vision statements.

Reverse Recruitment


PWW Recruiting’s Reverse Recruitment service is a unique fusion of key concepts curated by analyzing today’s professionals’ need to evolve constantly. Modules of diversity, systems thinking, executive recruitment, and mindfulness training provide business leaders with an internal and customized foundation for success.