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Career Coaching


Career coaching supports leaders in achieving important results to their personal success and their organization’s long-term success. The Coach assumes that the mid-level to executive Client is the expert on his or her own career. The Coach’s role is to draw out the Client’s expertise through inquiry, curiosity, and gentle challenges. The Coach helps the Client to stretch into his or her best self. To do that, the Coach introduces self-observation exercises and behavioral practices.

The Coach helps the client focus on his or her presence and behaviors. The Coach’s role is distinct from consulting, advising, therapy, or counseling. However, coaching addresses personal issues or life conditions that impact a client’s professional effectiveness.

Contract Recruitment (Employers)


There is always a balancing act known as solutions where there are problems.

PWW Recruiting’s core ideology stems from the notion of sourcing, refining, and optimizing talent in any industry. These three elements directly translate to employers focusing on operations, outsourcing hiring initiatives, and only needing to engage with candidates when the time to extend an offer transpires.

Mirror Coaching


The world reflects our internal framework. We will shatter the reflection of your past self to begin mirroring your ideal image. These Mirror Coaching sessions involve unraveling the psyche for particular issues (personal or professional) through guided dialogue until the undesirable behavior(s) rears its ugly head. Once presented, the coach extends habitual exercises to rewire this area of your life.

Resume & Cover Letter Services


PWW Recruiting creates keyword-specific resumes for professionals in every industry. Once we receive a confirmation for resume orders, our team ensures a 24 hour-turnaround for the client’s review.

As most employers now use algorithm-based applicant tracking systems to parse through resumes, keywords now act as the first impression instead of specific employment experience.

We design cover letters that will adequately highlight your accomplishments while demonstrating why you are the best candidate for the job. Through creative writing intertwined with professionalism hiring managers will feel your enthusiasm, perseverance, and desire to help the organization realize its mission and vision statements.

Retained Job Search (Candidates)


An exemplary recruiter strives to provide the best candidates for their clients. PWW Recruiting will prepare you for the job placement process, from application to offer. Additionally, we include a resume, cover letter, and portfolio revision services should you desire improvement in any of these areas.

Every occupation requires a particular skill set regardless of the candidate or employee’s stage of development. We take the time to know our clients to help identify opportunities that benefit your expertise and the content of your character.

Reverse Recruitment


PWW Recruiting’s Reverse Recruitment service is a unique fusion of key concepts curated by analyzing today’s professionals’ need to evolve constantly. Modules of diversity, systems thinking, executive recruitment, and mindfulness training provide business leaders with an internal and customized foundation for success.